Dillon Wernicki

Developer. Designer. Doodles.

  Hi! My name is Dillon Wernicki. I attended Lehigh University from 2011 to 2015 where I majored in computer science. I am interested in user experience and web development projects/opportunities. In my spare time I like to draw, play and stream video games, and cook great food.

  My main focus is creating interfaces that are both beautiful and useful. I have always had an interest in fusing art and technology.

Web development has been a great outlet to accomplish just that.

  Currently, I work at Kaiser Permanente where I support the needs of the Cyber Risk Defense Center (CRDC) in Colorado. In 2016 as an intern, my main role was to improve the user experience of analysts who were interfacing with a workflow tool called Integrify. I took the standard Wysiwyg forms that came with the tool, and through custom HTML/CSS/JS, I was able to make the forms more usable and approachable.

  Aside from the standard web development tools, I've also learned how to utilize MS SQL Server for data presentation/manipulation (via the aforementioned forms), and have developed numerous Tableau dashboards that track the performance of the various teams that make up the CRDC.

  • Crash Course on Python (Coursera)
  • GIAC Python Coder (GPYC)
  • Tableau Desktop Specialist Certification (2020)
  • Using Python to Interact with the Operating System (Coursera)